Understanding the Benefits of Decluttering Your House

There is such a thing as hoarding disorder. It’s when you find it difficult to get rid of stuff that other people might deem insignificant. You hold on to everything, and in no time, your house looks like a junk shop where nothing is for sale. We’re hoping that’s not the case for you.

And chances are, it’s not the case for you. Maybe that thing about finding it difficult to throw away what you have resonates with you. But that does not automatically mean you’re a clinical hoarder. Maybe you’re just iffy about waste, and you do not want to worsen your already bad carbon footprint.

Well, there’s a way to know if you’re not yet a clinical hoarder. That’s by practicing the act of de-cluttering. To encourage you to participate in this activity, here are some noteworthy benefits.

You’ll free up space

Having too much clutter at home means you devote valuable space to things of no value. As a result, your movement is restricted. Your breathing is constrained because there’s not enough air circulating in your badly obstructed space. Even if you have an AC system installed, it’ll have to work hard to keep you feeling cool in an otherwise suffocating space.

Free up space via de-cluttering your house. You’ll be surprised how good it will make you feel when you can finally walk around from room to room without worrying about stepping onto something that’s not supposed to be on the floor in the first place.

House maintenance becomes easier

The more you have littered around, the more stuff you need to clean. Or if you cannot be bothered with cleaning the stuff you have lying around, getting to the floor or the walls or whatever requires cleaning gets doubly hard because of obstructions left and right.

By de-cluttering, you make home maintenance less complicated and less time-consuming. You won’t be toiling to the point of utmost exhaustion during your cleaning schedule. You will have enough time left for relaxation and recreation. Yes, you won’t be a slave to a disorganized space.

It’ll be easier to search for “lost” stuff

man cleaning the house

Have you experienced one of those days when you can’t find your phone? Or your son’s socks? Or your husband’s favorite tie? And the clutter exacerbates the situation. It makes the challenge of searching for whatever you need to find seem like an insurmountable task.

That’s another reason why you need to de-clutter. If you or any of your housemates are prone to “losing” stuff, it’s in your best interest to dispose of things you have no use for anymore. That way, the next time your phone goes rogue, there’ll be fewer obstacles along the way. You’ll find that phone easy.

You’ll be left with things that spark joy

Marie Kondo has a simple trick for de-cluttering your house and your life in general. You hold a specific object, and if it does not spark joy, you get rid of it. While this strategy sounds a little whimsical, there’s a logic behind it.

Everything you own has a history. Even the ashtray which you still have from college evokes memories. Now, you want those bad memories out of your life, out of your home. So start holding all the clutter you have at home and if it does not spark joy, throw it. Or find a new purpose for it.

You get to donate to charity

Speaking about new purposes for old stuff, remember that you do not have to throw away what you decide to let go of. Instead, you can donate them to charity. As the adage goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Perhaps your house no longer has a use or space for angel figurines. But those figurines can go well in a house that’s virtually empty of ornaments because the owner has no money to buy stuff. Here you’re doing humanity some good while also fixing your own life. Contact your nearest charity organizations and ask if they accept donations in the form of random trinkets.

No, we’re not asking you to empty your house and become an adherent of the minimalist lifestyle overnight. But it’s best to let go of things you have no use for. Think of it as starting fresh. It’s your way of allowing your old self to retire for your new self to finally come out. Remember that the physical space you inhabit affects your mood, behaviors, and thought patterns. It affects who you are. Who you can be. De-clutter and reveal the best you.

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