What You Can Do to Become the Next Global Fashion Brand

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As COVID-19 starts to infect fewer people around the world, global fashion brands have to try their best to sew their way back into the closets of their consumers. They have to figure out a way to scale up their production because people are no longer afraid to visit stores and try out new outfits rather than deal with online shopping and frequent returns. But, that also means that there are plenty of gaps in the market for aspiring designers who want to make their mark while addressing specific niches. After all, some niches eventually become trends.

However, there are a few things you have to figure out before you can start enjoying the glory and flattery of an internationally renowned fashion designer:

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Make Sure You Know How to Sew

Even though designers on TV shows such as Amazon’s Making The Cut have seamstresses to help them piece together their design, knowing how to sew is Fashion 101. You can start practicing with something as stylish as new Vogue patterns to keep you interested in piecing together an outfit from scratch. This way, you will have a better idea of how you will design the pieces. Being more familiar with the material and the techniques for sewing pieces can help you better identify which methods to incorporate into your design and how you can effectively communicate with seamstresses of your own in the future.

By being aware of this language between you and your future employees, you will develop better rapport and trust. At the same time, you will feel more sympathetic toward their concerns because you will have a better understanding of their experiences. Furthermore, you will eventually have to sew in last-minute changes to wardrobes or possibly on-the-spot alterations. You have to be able to display a skill set that can garner trust from your clients as well as investors; knowing how to sew will do just that.

Be Thorough With Your Brand as a Business

Before you become the next global brand, you will have to know it through and through. Some designers often get glossed over by investors because of their focus on the design aspect. Instead, fashion entrepreneurs have to know both the designs they will champion along with the business acumen required to penetrate a well-established industry. All fashion designers have to prepare a presentation for their brand, acknowledging the transition from a concept to an actual venture.

Clothes may be works of art, but any entrepreneur who wants to make it in the fashion industry has to know how to meet economies of scale or target their garments toward the right market. Without the right business know-how, you cannot be taken seriously when you present in front of potential investors, and there might be issues with the sustainability and feasibility of the business because of the lack of marketing strategies. All investors are aware of these risks, so they have to carefully decide where to trust their hard-earned money.

To become the next global fashion brand, fashion designers have to combine aesthetics with practicality. This can be achieved by partnering with existing brands that are looking for fresh takes on existing designs. At the same time, it will be a great opportunity to network with manufacturers, retailers, and possible investors. It can also be an avenue to introduce yourself to potential clients because they will get a taste of your work.

Identify Your Aesthetic and Embed It in Your Work

A designer’s aesthetic is something that can set them apart from existing brands in the market. You need to be completely aware of its connection with the brand’s identity so that it can fulfill its purpose of defining what current and future collections will be about. Specific aesthetics can meet the demands of particular gaps in the market, niches that some clients are willing to pay a lot for. On the other hand, another direction for the business could be setting a new trend for others to follow because of the unique style your aesthetic can bring. Some people decide on their aesthetic organically, while others plan it carefully to dedicate their work to a specific market. In either case, the designer’s voice is expressed through their aesthetic and remains central to their work.

The Bottom Line

It may be challenging to develop a full-blown business plan along with growing your love for fashion. But, it is an opportunity to showcase your talent and eye for design to the world, so never give up on your dreams.

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