Bathroom Essentials: Crucial Factors to Consider for Your Bathroom Storage

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Whether you are updating an existing bathroom or designing a new one, it’s vital to carefully plan the storage requirements. Before you select your shelves, drawers, and cabinets, you should take some time to consider the following factors to make certain that your bathroom storage will look stylish, meet your specific requirements, and stay useful.

Determine What You Need to Store

Evaluate the items you want to store inside your bathroom. Take sufficient time to declutter. Donate accessories, jars, or towels you’re not using, use almost-empty products, and recycle anything that can be recycled.

After doing this, ideally, you’ll be left with essential items that will help you determine your bathroom’s storage plan. It will be easier for you to organize your bathroom with only the essentials to think about, and your storage plan will ensure that you keep the bathroom neat and only keep storing items you need.

For example, towels could take up valuable space, so consider storing them somewhere else. Look around the house to see if you have space to build overflow storage to keep bathroom items that you don’t use regularly.

Group Your Bathroom Items

Now that you’re done decluttering and choosing items to store in your bathroom, organize them into groups. This would help you evaluate where to store everything. The way you should group your items should depend on your lifestyle and needs, but it’s also practical to place items near where you will be using them. For example, it’s best to store your makeup kit and skincare essentials in the vanity.

It’s also a great idea to designate a drawer, basket, or shelf where you store items you use daily. This will likewise be helpful when traveling since you can grab the container and throw it in your bag.

Divide and Conquer

To prevent storage spaces from becoming cluttered, separate them into different sections, and then use baskets, pots, or jars inside each drawer or cabinet. You can also consider fitting the drawers with dividers to ensure that items stay in their own spaces. For storing items in bathroom cabinets, you can utilize small decanters, baskets, and shelf inserts to make a simple organization system.

stylish bathroom

Maximize All Available Space

Are you a hundred percent sure that you have used all the available space in the bathroom? Nonetheless, it’s worth scanning the space again to be sure. You might be surprised to know that many homeowners fail to maximize their bathroom storage because they didn’t have a solid plan for the remodel.

Talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor to ensure that you don’t waste valuable space when renovating.

Make Your Bathroom Storage Look Stylish

Although drawers and cabinets are perfect for keeping things out of sight, consider open shelves to infuse some character into the bathroom. To ensure that your open storage not only looks neat but stylish as well, choose your storage containers wisely.

Pick out storage containers that have a similar style and look to make the display look cohesive. This will also make your open shelving look streamlined instead of cluttered.

Organizing a cluttered bathroom might be the only household chore that’s less exciting than cleaning it. However, done right, this tedious undertaking has a serious payoff. Of all the spaces in your home, your bathroom has to be hygienic and clean, which will never happen without suitable bathroom storage. Also, the less clutter in your bathroom, the less busy you will feel.

So whether you’re planning on remodeling your master bath or your powder room, consider the tips above to help you get started.

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