Are dental implants painful? FAQs about oral implants answered

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In recent years, dental procedures have come leaps and bounds; especially those which have a cosmetic element.

Procedures like whitening which would have once taken weeks to complete can now be done in less than an hour in the dental chair. Common issues such as missing teeth, visual blemishes and cracks on a tooth can now be concealed with implants or veneers, allowing you to feel great about your smile.

While these are great advances that have obvious physical and mental health benefits, there are many dental patients who have concerns about such cosmetic treatments. They may have read horror stories about dental implants and have decided that they are not worth the risk.

If you have some questions about dental implants or simply want to know a bit more about the procedure and your suitability, read on for answers to the top 5 FAQs.

Do dental implants hurt?

There is a concern around dental at Coorparoo that oral implants are painful.

While there will be some feelings of discomfort after the numbing agent, it should not be painful; in fact, many patients have compared the sensation of having a tooth extracted.

If you notice any feelings of discomfort that are worsening, contact an emergency dental in Coorparoo as you may have an infection.

Do they look fake?

You may have read about (or seen) dental implants that look fake.

In short, your team should colour, shape and size match the prosthetic tooth so it fits into your mouth alongside any other natural teeth you may have; implants should never look fake.

If you are unsure about your professional dental near Coorparoo, ask to see a portfolio showcasing other oral implants they have fitted.

How long do they last?

With correct aftercare and lifestyle habits (no smoking or drinking excessive alcohol), you will be glad to know that dental implants can last up to and over 20 years.

However, while the aftercare associated with oral implants is straightforward, you will need to keep up good oral hygiene habits and visit your dental team twice a year for check-ups to keep your implants in place and healthy.

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Are they expensive?

This is one of the most common reasons people decide against having dental implants fitted.

It is true that, on average, this is the most expensive cosmetic option but almost every dental surgery which is able to offer oral implants can also offer financing or credit options.

These will enable you to break down the finalised price into affordable, monthly instalments. And with a lifespan averaging at 20 years with improved oral health and confidence, implants are worth every penny!

Any other advantages?

Many! Dental implants can also improve speech, help with biting and chewing while also improving your oral health long-term.

They can also help you to eat harder foods, such as corn on the cob and apples, which will add variety to your diet and help your overall health and wellbeing to improve too. Now that’s worth smiling about!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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