An Easy Guide to an Intimate Wedding

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Now that 2021 is here, the trends are coming in. For weddings, the pandemic will play a huge part in it.

According to several experts, including events planners, the word of the year will be “intimate.” That isn’t surprising as couples who said I Do in 2020 had to limit their guests to practice social distancing. Canceled flights and lockdowns didn’t help either.

But what makes a wedding intimate? Here’s an easy guide to a significant trend this year:

1. Limit Your Guests

Although weddings can fall into different categories according to size, there’s no hard and fast rule for the number of guests. It can range from two (who can serve as witnesses) to hundreds.

However, if the couple’s goal is to plan an intimate affair, the guests’ attendance will likely be between 12 and 50. In other words, it needs serious trimming of the guest list.

As a hint, couples can start with their immediate family members and expand their circle. Most usually prefer inviting those who know both and who have played a role or have witnessed the relationship’s growth.

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2. Consider a Sit-down Dinner

Since intimate weddings mean a small number of guests, couples can now do away with cocktails and buffets. Instead, they can consider a sit-down dinner. This way, everyone can get better acquainted with one another. The ambiance also enhances the intimacy of the affair.

With regard to venues, a contractor’s event center like a conservatory is an ideal choice, particularly for a more formal dinner. It feels cozy but provides enough space for people to engage in conversations and savor the menu’s dishes.

3. Plan Another Party

If couples have a hard time removing people from the guest list, the next best option is to divide them into two groups. One will receive an invitation for a bigger and more likely casual party. They can think about this as the second reception.

They can also take the lessons from COVID-19 pandemic weddings and maximize technology. Guests who couldn’t come can participate virtually while they can give up their physical seats to others. As a thank-you, couples can then send party favors to virtual attendees.

4. Schedule It on a Weekday

With fewer people to RSVP, couples can be more flexible on their wedding dates. For example, they can have it on a weekday.

This decision can also be economical. According to data, weekday weddings are more affordable, particularly if they are scheduled on a Wednesday. During this time, venues are less in demand, so they’re ready to provide discounts. Guests are also less likely to deal with the busyness of weekends.

5. Make the Wedding More Meaningful

Weddings are not cheap. In the United States, couples spent an average of $33,000 in 2019. Deciding on an intimate wedding is a welcome respite as far as the budget goes.

Instead, couples can spend a bit more on items they believe could make the occasion more meaningful:

  • They can upgrade their venue into something more charming like a conservatory or a garden.
  • They can expand their menu to include a cocktail bar or a dessert spread.
  • Couples can invest in entertainment, such as hiring a full band.
  • They can also spend more on pictures and videos.
  • They can opt for a more personalized design for wedding invitations or favors.

An intimate wedding isn’t without challenges. Reducing the number of guests, for example, can already be challenging and demands several brainstorming sessions. But it rewards couples in many ways.

Smaller weddings are easier to execute and usually cheaper to do. With less attention to the bells and whistles, everyone can focus on the essence of the occasion.

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