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As human beings, we want to have our personal space. This desire has become even more important during this year because of the pandemic ravaging our country. Despite vaccines being available in many states, we are still waiting for the green light for us to return to our normal daily lives, and that’s assuming that it will ever happen.

We might have to get used to spending more time in our homes with our family or, in some instances, with our friends. It can undoubtedly be fun during the start, but the more we realize that we don’t have the personal space we used to have before, the more we encounter stress and anxiety.

The Need for Personal Space

Psychologists have studied the need for personal space for many years. They have found that people have their own set of ‘proximity’ or level of personal space. Some may find individuals close to their personal belongings an invasion of personal space, while others might not. However, there is one thing that people have in common, and that they have the dire need to have their alone time, whether they are at school, work, or at home.

Personal space plays a direct role in this because we don’t get our alone time if we know that someone else is in the room with us or directly in our view. Some people need this more than most, such as introverted people, but everyone needs it, nonetheless.

If you’re feeling more stressed and anxious in the very comforts of your home, there is a big chance that you’re not getting the personal space and the alone time you need. One way to fix this is by adding more space and room to your home. But how are you going to do this exactly? Here are some simple ways you can add more room into your home so you can finally have some alone time to yourself.

Set Boundaries

Let’s be honest here, people take up the most room in our home, not only that, but they also move! They have their sense of proximity, which varies differently from individual to individual. This is why it’s important to set boundaries with them. Call them into a meeting and discuss how you can do this together.

Awareness is critical when it comes to setting boundaries, and discussing your secure spaces can help out. Maybe you can schedule alone times in different rooms, or maybe you can learn to respect each other’s boundaries in your ways. Once you’ve set boundaries, you can feel that there is more room in your home simply because fewer people are invading your private space.

Build a Patio

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Many American homes have lawns bigger than the house. This is because many Americans have a desire for personal space. However, weirdly enough, most of these lawns are under-utilized. This is why you should build a patio in your backyard or your lawn. Patios, if you don’t have the skill or time for it, then you can always contact a contractor or an experienced paving services provider to do it for you. These professionals can get your patio built in no time with your own added decorations. Moreover, they can give you insights into how you can utilize the space you have on your lawn.

Once you have a patio, you can finally do your work outside your home. This can give you access to a breath of fresh air, away from individuals and the world.

Store Unneeded Belongings

Our homes tend to be filled with various items that we don’t currently need. Some of these items indeed have some decorative purpose, but they do take up a decent amount of space in our home. They can also attribute to clutter, which can be stressful when left unattended.

The best thing you can do is to store these belongings in a box or a storage container. Once you store these belongings, you will see that you’ve opened up more space than before. You might even have more space on your kitchen counter.

Add Mirrors

Surprisingly enough, the illusion of mirrors can add more space to your home. Sure, it’s not physical space, but the thought of having space can give you the same comfort as having it physically. Add some mirrors in your living room or maybe in your bedroom to yourself that comfort.

Here are some simple ways you can open up more space and room in your home during this pandemic. We all have a dire need for personal space and some alone time, especially now, so try these suggestions when you can. We assure you that these changes can certainly make a difference in how you feel at home and how you function.

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