What to Add To Your Home Spa to Make it More Relaxing

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Since the invention of bubble baths, people have enjoyed the luxury of soaking in a tub. A bubble bath alone has been proven to be good for your health, skin, and hair. A home spa, or bathtub in general, will never go wrong when it comes to relaxation. Add some nice scents with different kinds of salts, and you’re destined for a relaxing experience.

When it comes to creating your spa, many things to consider, these include the size of the tub you wish to buy, lighting, and ambiance of the whole room, often referred to as the “spa room.”

The most important thing you need to consider is if the room can accommodate all the requirements your spa will need. For example, you may need to call a skilled plumber to help you with your soaking tub since installing one is more difficult than a regular shower. You may need an electrician if you plan to put in some excellent lighting or add a unique massage feature that runs off electricity.

Another thing you may want to consider is how much will it cost? If you’re t looking for a nice, relaxing bathtub that’s a little more than a plain shower, then it can be done with around $3,000 – $5,000. If you’re looking at the full spa package, which might have a minibar and some excellent lighting, this may cost more like $5-$7K.

It’s also vital for you to consider the size of your spa room. You don’t want to get a big tub and then realize it doesn’t fit in the space you have planned for it.

If you plan on having a full spa package, it’s best to plan that before buying the tub. This way, you’ll know exactly what size of spa room is appropriate for your shower.

If you’re thinking about creating a home spa, then obviously, all this planning will take some time. So sit back and enjoy yourself because, in the end, everything will be worth it.

Other Elements You Might Want to Consider Adding

Massage tables

Massage tables come in many styles, and you might want to consider adding one to your home spa room for added relaxation. You can also consider hiring a masseuse or buying a massage chair that vibrates and massages the muscles.

You can add a combination of these so the entire family can relax and enjoy themselves.


Lighting is another important element considered when creating your spa at home. Lighting is a significant factor in creating a home spa, as lights provide the only source of illumination in this room you plan on using for relaxation.

Since your eyes need time to adjust from bright light to low light, be sure to make it as dim as possible for maximum relaxation. This will also allow you to take full advantage of your spa room as a sleeping area.



Add some nice scents to your room with different kinds of salts, and you’re destined for a relaxing experience. Aromatherapy is an important factor in creating a spa-like environment, as the smells from these oils help relax your body and mind into a more peaceful state.

You can purchase aromatherapy oils that come in many scents or have essential oils made into scrubs that you can use to give yourself a full body massage.

Water Feature

Water is an important element for creating a spa-like atmosphere. You can add some gentle fountains that spray up the mist, or you can even hire someone to construct a full waterfall indoors.

You may want to consider adding both the sound of the water and the sensation of it falling on your skin as part of your home spa. These three elements can all come together to provide you with the relaxation needed to relieve any stress.


A sauna is another essential addition to your spa room, as it can help you sweat out toxins in your body. You may want to consider having a separate shower and tub built for this room as well, or you can purchase a portable sauna that sits on the floor and plugs into any wall outlet.

You can have a solo or a larger sauna so you and your friends or significant other can sit inside together for added relaxation.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are great for helping you relax and taking away any tension, as salt is known to absorb negative ions. You can combine this with some nice water features that will help the relaxation process even more and take it up a notch, or you can completely forget about having a jacuzzi altogether and focus on other spa elements, such as aromatherapy and salt lamps.

Final Thoughts on Creating a Home Spa

When creating your spa, it’s important to focus on elements that will help you relax and relieve any stress in your life. Don’t necessarily go overboard when planning things out either because these items can add up quickly if you’re not careful with your spending. In the end, having a home spa is well worth it and will provide you with hours of relaxation and entertainment.

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