Time Traveler – A History of Orthodontics

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Discovering how far we’ve come in both our social and medical history is fascinating. Humans are amazing creatures that have developed fantastic techniques to help aid them in their survival. One area you might not have thought much about is the role of orthodontics in our history. But in fact how we take care of our teeth is super important to our health and wellbeing. Even cavemen had sore teeth, so how did they treat them?

Ancient Orthodontics

The earliest signs of dentistry being practiced looks to come from the ancient Egyptians. Deep in the Egyptians tombs lay the preserved bodies of those who’d been mummified and for some part of this ritual was to wrap gold or metal wires around their teeth. Of course this was not designed to straighten teeth but was likely designed to help preserve the teeth.

There were also bodies of the Egyptians found with metal bands on their teeth likely made from the guts of animals, it is thought by world leading practitioners that these could have been used to apply pressure to the teeth much like that of modern wired style braces. Why the Egyptians wanted to move teeth is unknown. Was it cosmetic or functional?


The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

According to The History of Orthodontics it was during this period that the first wax and plaster molds were being created as part of dentistry. During this period massive progress was made in the orthodontics world. There were tools designed and made for making the palate bigger and the removal of teeth to cure crowding was discovered.

The Nineteenth Century

During the Nineteenth Century there was one particular practitioner that stood out as revolutionary – Hartley Angle. He strived for new discoveries in the field of orthodontists and was the first to create an educational programme purely devoted to it.

Orthodontics today

Technology has enabled huge advances in orthodontics, with molded plastics being an excellent movement in the field of orthodontics. Along with the discovery of the X-ray which has allowed for practitioners to see the tooth and root in its full form.

Orthodontics in Stoke On Trent in 2022 is striving for more and more just like orthodontics across the world. With 3D computer printing and new products constantly being involved, orthodontics has never been more readily available.

In orthodontics now, practitioners look at what they can do to help the patients, with focus on jaw and teeth alignment. Today there are many different options available when it comes to straightening. Head-braces, fixed wired braces, invisible braces. All of which come with their own pros and cons. Orthodontists can now not only help with function of tooth and jaw alignment but also for cosmetic purposes.

With the world heading more and more in the direction of an image conscious society, it’s not difficult to understand why there continues to be more and more development in easier, quicker ways to straighten our teeth.

If you are thinking about straightening treatments then orthodontics in Stoke On Trent could be what you need.

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