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If you manage a dental surgery or are a head dentist, then you may be looking for ways to increase the number of patients who visit your clinic. After all, you want to have as many bookings and appointments filled as possible! But when was the last incidence of you having new patients book appointments because they found your website on a search engine?

If the answer is never, then don’t worry! You are not alone, and this is a reason why your marketing strategy could probably benefit from search engine optimisation (SEO). This article will provide a brief introduction to search engine optimisation, how it can benefit your dental surgery, and what the overall process involves.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is, in essence, the driving of more people to a website by increasing the position of the website in a search result. For example, if somebody searches for a wardrobe online, a site selling wardrobes that appears at the top of a search list is more likely to have a higher click rate and sell more wardrobes.

Concerning dental SEO, it is much the same thing and is the process of driving visitors to your dental practice’s website. As before, the higher you rank, the more likely it is that you will attract new patients.

What does SEO involve?


SEO as a strategy is not too difficult, but it is worth consulting with an SEO and marketing team if you are new to engaging in this area. This team will usually improve your dental surgery website, regularly update a blog and do some other nifty things such as ensuring that your website is mobile-optimised, loads in under 3 seconds and has all of your surgery’s contact information in the relevant places. These are all important to attracting those Google bots, which will rank your page higher.

How does it increase website visits?

As mentioned earlier, SEO increases website visits by attracting Google bots, which will rank the site higher on the initial search page. However, marketing SEO strategies can be extended to other areas, such as social media pages and even email marketing campaigns to your patients or to individuals who have searched for a service that you offer at your surgery. This is a more modern take on traditional SEO and involves the use of AI software.

How will it benefit your dental surgery?

SEO and an updated marketing strategy will benefit your dental surgery by attracting more people to it, which will, in turn, increase the likelihood of those site visitors becoming your patients. It will also help you reach a wider demographic via social media and other platforms as well as help to boost your surgery’s brand by simply growing your surgery’s presence on the internet.

But SEO can also be used to help you keep tabs on your current patients by sending them emails to remind them about upcoming dental checkups or promote any other services you offer. You can also help your patients to book appointments online.

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