A Green and Clean Lifestyle: Keeping Your Home Clean 24/7


A dirty and cluttered home is a parent’s worse nightmare. It increases stress, makes us prone to anger and irritation, and starts our allergies. However, because of our busy lives, we don’t have much time for cleaning. We usually don’t have the one hour we need every day to clean our homes because we’re so exhausted right after work. We might be able to do some general cleaning every three months, but that’s really it.

So how can you keep your home clean every day without needing to clean it every time you get home? The answer to that is simple. Do proactive things that will make your home clean.

No to Carpets

Dust is your worse enemy when it comes to cleanliness and allergies. If you found that your children are sneezing quite often or if their allergies are acting up, it’s time to get rid of your carpets. Dust settles inside the fabrics of carpets, and it can be a real nightmare to clean them, even if you have a vacuum cleaner.

The safe bet is to get them washed, but some carpets, especially the most expensive ones, can be damaged from a wash. So your best bet is to remove them entirely from your home. Also, if you have carpet tiles, get them replaced! You can’t risk having that around because they can be home to dust and dust mites. Say no to carpet, and say yes to cleanliness.

Store Items You Don’t Need

We tend to say that we need a particular item but forget when we need it. Clutter can help accumulate dust and dirt in our home, and if we don’t do something about it, the more our homes become dirtier. It’s time for you to buy some storage boxes and store items you don’t need inside them. After storing them, place them in your attic or garage. It’ll keep your home clutter-free and organised.

More Natural Light

Moulds grow in the darkest places of our home. Although it’s fairly hard to avoid, especially when your home is reaching more than ten years old, there are ways you can delay their growth inside your home. One way to prevent mould growth in your home is by having more natural light. You can do this by adding more windows to let more sunlight in.

You can also install a skylight to maximise the sunlight entering your home. If you found some mould growing in the walls of an unused room, install UV lights to stop them from growing. Mould looks disgusting, and they certainly can be a nuisance to clean. They also drastically reduce your home’s value. By preventing their growth, you can keep your home clean without having to clean it.


Doormats and Shoe Racks

It can certainly be an inconvenience for anyone to leave their shoes outside your home. However, it’s more of an inconvenience cleaning up after these visitors when they bring in dirt into your home. If you’re not the kind of family who let their visitors leave their shoes outside, then an outdoor doormat can keep your home clean. You can always place one indoors to ensure that their shoes leave every dirt and debris behind.

But if you want your visitors to leave their shoes outside without needing to remind them, a shoe rack right outside your front door can work. These are a couple of life hacks you can do to keep your home clean from visitors.

Build a Patio

A patio can help if you tend to have a muddy front yard. Gardens and a grassy lawn can attribute to mud on people’s shoes. Mud can be quite hard to clean up once it dries inside your home, and if you have children who enjoy playing outside, this is a familiar scene for you.

However, by building a patio right in front of your home (preferably near your doorstep), you can avoid this mess from happening. The patio serves as that dry land in between your muddy front yard and the inside your home. Anyone who steps on it can leave some of that mud behind. In combination with a doormat, your patio can ensure that anyone who steps into your home automatically leaves any mud and dirt they have on their shoes behind.

Here are some simple ways you can keep your home clean without cleaning it every day. Remember, you can’t entirely prevent dirt and dust from accumulating inside your house, so cleaning it once in a while is still essential. However, by following these tips, you can ensure that your cleaning is kept to a minimum.

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