4 Ways Pet Owners Can Keep Their Homes Clean

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No matter how impressive or high-tech game consoles are, there’s a point in a child’s life when they would ask for a pet. They’re adorable, great companions, and fun to play around with. No robot toy or stuffed animal can compare. The problem is that pet animals can be extremely dirty. They can easily turn a completely clean house into a pigsty in a blink of an eye. Especially in the beginning, when they haven’t been house trained yet. Plus, there’s the fur that can spread everywhere.

The great news is that there are ways to keep your home nice and tidy, even if you have a pet dog or cat. Here’s how:

  1. Clean the Air

When it comes to cleanliness, it’s usually associated with appearance. People wipe and vacuum when they notice that things are getting dusty and stained. But, dirt isn’t always visible. Air could also be filthy and even harmful, especially if you have pets at home. Animals shed hair, which can not only trigger allergies but also carry pollen and dust. Thankfully, you can still have pets safely and cleanly at home. You only have to make sure that your house has been tidied up. Start by having your air ducts cleaned. After years of use, dirt can accumulate there and spread dirt around the house. You can also use a HEPA air filter to purify the air. Several studies have shown that it can reduce contaminants by 30% to 50%.

  1. Bathe Your Pet

When outdoors, animals are exposed to different elements that can naturally make them dirty quickly. Dogs like to dig holes in yards while cats like to climb trees. Even indoors, they’re great at finding the dirty spots at any house. To avoid spreading dirt and allergens, you should give them a bath regularly. This is especially crucial if you let your pets sleep in the same bed as you. It’s also important if there are kids in the house. Children tend to forget to wash their hands immediately after petting animals. If the pet is clean, there are fewer chances of spreading harmful germs around the house.

On the other hand, it’s also crucial not to over-bathe pets. Otherwise, it can dry their skin or worsen any medical condition. According to veterinarian Robert Hilton, you should only give your dog a bath when they smell.

To avoid any issues, you can use wet wipes to keep your pets clean. Baby wipes, in particular, are great because they won’t cause irritation but do the job well.

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  1. Have a Designated Pet Bed

It might be nice to sleep with your cat or dog, but they carry all sorts of allergens and dirt. Prolonged exposure, while you’re sleeping can cause skin problems and hygiene issues. To avoid any complication, you should give your dog or cat a fixed spot to sleep. That way, they won’t use your bed or couch. It keeps their dirt away from the spots where you spend the most time at. It also has the added benefit of keeping their filth in just one area. You just have to make sure that their bed is washed thoroughly from time to time. It’s also a good idea to keep your bedroom closed and locked, so they won’t go in. They won’t form a habit of staying in your room when they’re not supposed to.

  1. Replace Your Carpets

Carpets are great covers for floors. They’re soft and comfortable for the feet, and they look great. The problem is that they can also be a trap for allergens. Dander and other particles can easily stick to the surface of the carpet, and they can be difficult to take out. Besides the cleanliness issue, there’s also the matter of maintenance. Carpets require frequent vacuuming, use of the right cleanser, and protection from sunlight. You can avoid pricey and time-consuming work by replacing the carpet with tiles, wooden floors, or even concrete. They don’t require as much work as carpets. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them being a hotbed for pet fur, dust, and other allergens. The only thing you have to do is to sweep or vacuum from time to time.

No matter what age you are, pets are great additions to any home. They’re adorable, fun, and entertaining. They even bring health benefits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they have been proven to improve pet owners’ mental and physical health. They might mess up your home a bit, but they are worth the trouble in the end.

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