4 Basic Tools to Boost Your Site’s Safety and Security

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Guaranteeing everyone’s safety and security in a worksite is a major responsibility. And before you think that it would require you to spend quite a considerable amount of money, you should know that it’s possible to do it on a budget.

For one, you can invest in affordable dry lining tools for sale that offer outstanding fire insulation to walls and ceilings in the buildings you’re erecting. There’s an impressive range of companies in the UK that provide these special tools to building contractors, construction companies, and DIY homeowners who wish to protect their properties from fire incidents.

But apart from just dry lining your ceilings and walls, what are the other ways of improving your site safety and security?

Set up site security

Security facilities like fences, barriers, and locks should be in place to prevent unauthorised entries to your work site. There’s a wide variety of products that achieve this:

  • Chains. Maybe made from zinc plated or mangenese steel.
  • Padlocks. May use either traditional key or number combination to open.
  • Digital locks. Require combination of numbers and letters to gain access to restricted areas.
  • Fencing. Made of either metal materials or from inexpensive chicken wire.
  • Barriers. Composed of stakes and netting for portability.
  • Lockout kits. For electrical, mechanical, and valve lockouts.
  • Site alert. Can be placed on a trolley and placed in strategic locations in and around the worksite to remind workers and guests alike of safety protocols.

Install safety signage

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While workers may be familiar with site safety and security protocols, it may not be enough to keep everyone from committing actions that compromise their or other workers’ onsite safety.

For a more fortified solution, install safety signs in critical areas so everyone is aware of the site’s safety precautions and similar reminders.

Consider these different signages:

  • Fire exits
  • Men at work
  • Assembly area
  • Fire safety reminders
  • Hazard signs (burn, electrocution, harmful gas)
  • Site safety reminders
  • Personal safety reminders
  • Traffic control
  • First aid reminders

Preposition fire suppression equipment

Fire suppression systems are a must in any work site, in fact, in any area where there are people moving around.

Strive to invest in both wet and dry chemical systems to have a good coverage for your site. Dry chemical systems are those ubiquitous red fire extinguishers that you normally see on the floors or walls of hospitals, office spaces, and the like. They are cheap, portable, and can be pre-installed.

Wet chemical suppression systems, meanwhile, are mostly used in commercial kitchens but they can also be used in work sites with combustible liquids.

Invest in first aid kits

First aid kits should come as standards features in any workplace, whether commercial or industrial, because of their practical uses. They can be used to treat abrasions, cuts, minor burns, stings, sprains, and the like so they are pretty indispensable in areas where people work with chemicals, blunt objects, or heavy equipment.

Just like fire extinguishers, they can be placed practicaly anywhere in your work site. This way, your workers can treat minor injuries easily without having to walk from the accident site.

With these basic tools, you’re improving your site safety and security at the most fundamental level.

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