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Recipe: San Joaquin Chilled Gazpacho

I took my cue from my friends at the Department of Agriculture to fill me in on the ingredients best suited for harvest in the mid-summer months. Naturally, this led me to the only logical conclusion. Of course, I had a little help from the staff where my friend Anna shares my passion for good food and entertaining friends. It was with their expert knowledge of fresh seasonal produce and Anna’s excitement for food that this collaborative effort was born.

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Recipe: Miyoshi’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Roll

Sean Park of Miyoshi’s contributes a recipe for this special roll. What’s great about it is that you can change the recipe according to what you like, says Park. For example, instead of using crab or shrimp, try asparagus. That’s what makes this dish so versatile and such a hit with sushi fans. He also recommends going to a sushi restaurant and buying sushi rice from the chefs. That can save you a lot of time.

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