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All Fired Up!

Love might be on the back burner for now, but this year’s Sizzlin’ Singles are All Fired Up for sharing their time with local charitable organizations. They can manage the flames of life on their own just fine all while heating up in their careers and spicing up their lives with community involvement. We’re not just blowing smoke, you’ll see that all our singles are “well done”.

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Ca. Aeronautical University Grand Opening

The California Aeronautical University held its grand opening with fun and fanfare. A ribbon cutting took place followed by a delicious lunch. Attendees were able to try out different flight simulators while touring the grounds. This world-class campus offers incredible training and educational opportunities second to none in the nation.

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Château du Sureau

Here in Bakersfield, we’re just a stone’s throw from the expansive and beautiful Yosemite National Park and Sierra National Forest. The wilderness buff in you might be thinking we’re about to suggest you explore the woods, try rugged outdoor activities, and camp in a tent on the ground. Think again! There are two very high-end options for traveling into the woods.

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Urner’s appliance center

With advancements in technology happening constantly, it’s no surprise that home appliances are changing with the times. Cameron Illingworth, sales manager for Urner’s had this to say, “the industry is starting to jump on the connected home bandwagon.” This spirit of innovation has inspired a whole new wave of appliances, which can make your life much easier and help you save time.

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