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Wood-Dale Market

Come of the best meats in town, Wood-Dale Market is an old-fashioned meat market that has been fully operating since 1955 off of Stine Road, in between Belle Terrace and Stockdale Highway. Owner Israel Vasquez, who manages to keep that old-fashioned feeling while providing great customer service, has operated Wood-Dale for the past 12 years and previously worked in the grocery industry for over 25 years.

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Robby’s Nursery & Calico Gardens

Since 1962, when he opened Robby’s Nursery, Harold E. “Robby” Robinson began making Bakersfield a more beautiful place. Robinson was an independent landscaper when he moved to Bakersfield as a young man and, after establishing an excellent reputation with his services around town, he and his wife, Joan, purchased a nursery located at South H Street and Planz Road.

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