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Women’s Business Conference

Celebrating the theme “The Strength of a Woman,” countless women with a mind for business came together for a fun day of networking, shopping, and educating themselves on the latest trends. Workshops ran all day and covered everything from social media to healthy eating. When the attendees weren’t learning, they were perusing the various vendors’ booths!

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Cope’s Knotty Pine Cafe

Cope’s Knotty Pine Cafe might be known for its hand-breaded chicken fried steak, killer burgers, and hefty portions of home-cooked favorites, but when we asked owner Karla Cope if she and her team—including Chef George—would come up with something light for our readers for this issue’s Quick Bites, we were reminded why people have loved the Knotty Pine Cafe since 1948.

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Bakersfield Firewagon

It’s true: nothing can get the blood pumping like the feeling of lurking peril! However, that can only really be appreciated until the lurking becomes a reality. Our own firefighters have known about this since they were first on the scene (great fire of 1889, anyone?), and have done everything in their power to keep citizens out of harm’s way. But, like most journeys, that isn’t to say that there weren’t a few blunders here and there.

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