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Cheryl & Richard Misener

It is often said that when something is made out of love, the investment of the heart is apparent. There is a certain intangible quality that permeates the products and makes them both precious and unique. When Cheryl Misener started making soaps and other natural items in 1972, it was purely out of necessity. These days, she is still doing so, but has upgraded to running a successful two-person business with joy and a love that resonates with customers while fizzing, lathering, and moisturizing!

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Eric Dobbs: House of Stone, Inc.

If you look at some of the most famous landmarks around the world, you’ll realize that those who work in stone played a huge role in the beauty we see; everything from statues to huge, ornate marble pillars. And that beauty extends to the local stone carvers working today. At least, that is the case when it comes to Eric Dobbs, owner and CEO of House of Stone, Inc.

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