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My Titanic Moment

Letters from the Editor

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A few years ago…okay, many years ago! Like, 45 years ago, during a period of unusually hars...

A Little Self Promotion

Letters from the Editor

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We're a pretty proud bunch over here at the magazine…and with good reason. Our job is cele...

OMG, I've been “frugaled”!

Letters from the Editor

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Those that know me know I have an obsession with PopTarts (see editor’s letter 29-3); Cherry PopT...

Rock-n-Roll All Night

Letters from the Editor

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Back before MTV, the Internet, and iPods; and prior to $300 VIP meet-n-greets and international farewell/retro-comeback tour...


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Bakersfield Magazine

Untie Those Knots

Written by Jessica Shillings

In this busy world, stress can affect anyone, especially women who are juggling business and family.

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2014 Ladies in Red

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

The Ladies in Red you’ll meet on the following pages are mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, and sisters, and they are all going red to fight heart disease in women. Join them.

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In The Pits

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

You’re a mastodon.

(Bear with us here!) You’re wandering around western Kern County—granted, it wasn’t called Kern County at that point but that’s neither here nor there. You’re enjoying the sunny weather and decide to stop for a leisurely drink. When your thirst has been quenched at a shallow pool of water you go to move, only to find your front legs stuck in the ground.

How did that happen?

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Not Your Daddy's 'Bot

Written by Travis Anglim

Take one look at old sci-fi movies, cartoons, and even commercials spanning modern history and it’s easy to see we’ve always had a fascination with robots.

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Healthy Steps

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Getting fit is easy as 1-2-3 when you utilize modern technologies and local support!

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People Always Ask Me

Written by Yana Todorova

People often ask me: “How can you cook so often, eat so many delicious meals, enjoy desserts constantly, and still stay healthy and in a good shape?” 
Well, this article is part of my answer.

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More Good News!

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

While Bakersfield has been home to great cancer care, the past year has seen huge advances in a number of areas, namely the availability of treatments locally.

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Happy Holidays 2013

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Happy Holidays people! It's time again for those silly JibJab videos with pictures of people you don't know!

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Hospitals: What’s New?

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

The medical world is constantly changing, and that is especially true here in Kern County as our facilities grow and expand their programs...

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When Docs Get Sick

Written by Travis Anglim

Whether it’s with the common cold, a sports injury, or a more drastic and possibly life-long illness,we all know what it feels like to be sick. Including doctors...

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