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My Titanic Moment

Letters from the Editor

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A few years ago…okay, many years ago! Like, 45 years ago, during a period of unusually hars...

A Little Self Promotion

Letters from the Editor

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We're a pretty proud bunch over here at the magazine…and with good reason. Our job is cele...

OMG, I've been “frugaled”!

Letters from the Editor

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Those that know me know I have an obsession with PopTarts (see editor’s letter 29-3); Cherry PopT...

Rock-n-Roll All Night

Letters from the Editor

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Back before MTV, the Internet, and iPods; and prior to $300 VIP meet-n-greets and international farewell/retro-comeback tour...


Featured Recipe

Bakersfield Magazine


Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Disaster can strike when we least expect it. Flood, earthquake, fire; we don’t always have time to collect our important belongings and get to safety...

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Local Heirloom Favorites - Apple & Pear Cobbler

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Brigit Ayers, our beloved gourmet guru at the magazine, is back to inspire us not only to venture out into new realms in the kitchen, but also to honor family traditions while doing so...

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Bring on the Bubbly

Written by Mike Stepanovich

The wonderful myth about Champagne’s origins goes something like this: Crusty old Dom Pierre Pérignon, a late 17th century-early 18th century Benedictine monk, was experimenting with “re-fermentation” at his abbey in Hautvillers, a village just north of Epernay in the French province of Champagne...

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It Has To Be Authentic

Written by Mike Stepanovich

It’s been more than four decades since I was last in Vietnam, but I have good memories of the food there. Everyone ate pho, the popular Vietnamese soup, in its various forms. There were other offerings as well—shrimp, seafood, rice of course, vegetables—all of it fresh...

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Décor With Attitude

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Ah, spring...the weather is warmer, the skies are bluer, and the trees are greener; and you know what that means!

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A "Little" Something

Written by Kimberly Horg

About halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, on California Highway 1, miner and prospector George Hearst purchased 40,000 acres of ranch land in 1865. His only child, William Randolph Hearst, inherited the land years later in 1919 from his mother, Phoebe Apperson Hearst.

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Simple, Yet Divine

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

There’s way more to the Village Sports Bar & Grill than typical bar fare (and it proved that with its deep-fried cheesecake), but when we asked owner and manager Mike Barajas to prepare something tasty for our readers, we were thrilled with his recipe...

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At The Car Wash

Written by Tracie Grimes

If cleanliness is next to Godliness, automobile owners around Kern County have a chance at earning a jewel in their heavenly crowns–without ever having to leave their cars...

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Meet Peggy Darling

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Someone was saying they wanted to buy the property behind the Fox Theater so they could turn it into offices. I was able to buy it and the Fox kept the property, which was great because they really needed it.

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A Little Self Promotion

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

We're a pretty proud bunch over here at the magazine…and with good reason. Our job is celebrating the best of life and business in Bakersfield and Kern County...

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