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Dirty Medicine: Mumps, Mudpies, & Myths

In late April 2009, news reports began to surface about a new strain of influenza.

A 10-year-old in California tested positive for a virus that was a unique combination of influenza virus genes never previously identified in either animals or people. Two days after this first diagnosis, an 8-year-old, living 130 miles away in California, also tested positive. There was no known connection between these patients.

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Valley Fever: Taming A Beast

Here’s the good news about Valley Fever: if you get it and you’re living in Bakersfield, you couldn’t be in a better place.

“The real gem of living here is that you’ve got the best physicians, the best experts at your fingertips—Kern County is known world-wide for its research on Valley Fever,” said Kirt Emery. An epidemiologist, or disease investigator, Emery tracks the statistics of the disease for the Kern County Department of Public Health.

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