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Poisonous & Non-Poisonous Plants

Take it from Mrs. P, let’s have Fun in the Dirt.

Graduations! Weddings! School’s Out! If you’ve been on top of the situation, botanically speaking, and your garden is in A-Number-One, Primo condition, read no further. You’re all set to host celebrations and parties. Or, if you’re in the majority of backyard backsliders, look up! Snap to! Mrs. P is talking to you! Time to get busy weeding, trimming, and cleaning up. Next you’ll be able to plant, plant, plant. Bouquets of flowers from your own yard, fruits, vegetables, and herbs make June and July’s special occasions much more enjoyable and more affordable.

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It’s Just Like Gardening in Bali (kinda)

My neighbor, Rosemary, and I were having lunch the other day. We got to speculating whether we will have a decent early spring or go Bam! Right into summer. As we talked, we considered that this is the kind of question that divides the garden optimists from the pessimists. Mrs. P has decided to explore this idea. To determine which way you lean, see which of these phrases best describes you. Between us, I’ll bet most gardeners have a little of each in us. All phrases, of course, were scientifically chosen and peer-reviewed. Of course.

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