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Urner’s appliance center

With advancements in technology happening constantly, it’s no surprise that home appliances are changing with the times. Cameron Illingworth, sales manager for Urner’s had this to say, “the industry is starting to jump on the connected home bandwagon.” This spirit of innovation has inspired a whole new wave of appliances, which can make your life much easier and help you save time.

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Hawley’s Window Coverings

When remodeling, rebuilding, or redesigning our homes, we often focus solely on the interior and occasionally on the backyard and other outdoor projects when warranted. Makes sense, of course, because we spend our time indoors and want our homes to reflect our families and personalities. So why settle for the run of the mill vinyl blinds you can get from big box stores when you can transform your windows into more than just a way to see outside?

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Superior Roofing

With technology always changing, the way we go about doing home improvements are also changing. Fewer people understand this as well as those professionals who upgrade homes for a living. When you are considering how to better tend to the roof over your head, you’d be well-advised to understand that one important area that needs an expert touch is, well, the roof over your head!

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