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Château du Sureau

Here in Bakersfield, we’re just a stone’s throw from the expansive and beautiful Yosemite National Park and Sierra National Forest. The wilderness buff in you might be thinking we’re about to suggest you explore the woods, try rugged outdoor activities, and camp in a tent on the ground. Think again! There are two very high-end options for traveling into the woods.

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Lompoc: Experience the Unexpected

Sometimes, when you travel off the beaten path, you’ll discover something unexpected.

An emerging destination on Highway 1 along the California Coast, Lompoc blooms big in summer with fields of flowers, vineyard vistas, and scenic backroads for visitors to explore. An easy drive from Bakersfield, Lompoc—cooled by ocean breezes—is a great summer escape when inland temperatures rise.

So, why not explore Lompoc and discover what’s around the bend?

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