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Garden Smarties

Written by Lynn Pitts

Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes sees what is obvious. A recent houseguest of mine said, “Did you know that you have a lot of over-the-door shoe organizers? I never knew you had so many shoes.” By way of justification, I replied, “It’s a collection, like stamps...”

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Primetime Gardening

Written by Lynn Pitts

Easter time in Bakersfield is still cool enough to say it’s spring, but warm enough to plant summer vegetables from seeds and transplants. It’s a good time to get out there, Carpe Diem and smell the terra firma.

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'tis The Season

Written by Lynn Pitts

There’s more to fall than raking leaves and going Trick-or-Treating...

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What's Buggin' You?

Written by Lynn Pitts

What would late summer in Bakersfield be without Mrs. P’s Annual Q&A column? This is when your most pressing garden questions are answered; your fevered brows cooled; and winning Lotto numbers provided.

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A Leaf Affair

Written by Lynn Pitts

After water, what is the most popular beverage in the world?

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Oh Yes...It’s Time!

Written by Lynn Pitts

Wow! Just smell the morning air, perfumed with blooming citrus and late spring flowers. There are also the evening scents from barbeques as the weather warms up. We love to barbeque in Bakersfield!

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Seven Deadlies

Written by Lynn Pitts

A spring garden party can easily be spoiled by some annoying, if not too deadly, transgressions. And Mrs. P is quite familiar with some of them...

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Ten Things That Work

Written by Lynn Pitts

The Holidays are busy enough, but then come the resolutions, to-do lists, projects, and promises to make. Mrs. P is going to take you off the hook for a few moments and share 10 really simple garden things that worked for her in 2012.

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Splash of Grass

Written by Lynn Pitts

Have you felt it yet; those first shivers of fall weather in the air? I have. While I'm not quite ready to unpack the winter woollies from mothballs, my garden seems to notice the almost mysterious changing of the season...

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Q & A with Mrs. P

Written by Lynn Pitts


More than any time of the year, I think August and September are my favorite months. Why, you may ask, are you nuts?

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