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Primetime Gardening

Written by Lynn Pitts

Easter time in Bakersfield is still cool enough to say it’s spring, but warm enough to plant summer vegetables from seeds and transplants. It’s a good time to get out there, Carpe Diem and smell the terra firma.

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Season’s Best

Written by Yana Todorova

The spring fruit season in California’s Central Valley begins with strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and plums. Later, at the heart of the season, come the stone fruits...

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Local Heirloom Favorites - Apple & Pear Cobbler

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Brigit Ayers, our beloved gourmet guru at the magazine, is back to inspire us not only to venture out into new realms in the kitchen, but also to honor family traditions while doing so...

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Décor With Attitude

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Ah, spring...the weather is warmer, the skies are bluer, and the trees are greener; and you know what that means!

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People Always Ask Me

Written by Yana Todorova

People often ask me: “How can you cook so often, eat so many delicious meals, enjoy desserts constantly, and still stay healthy and in a good shape?” 
Well, this article is part of my answer.

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The Don't List

Written by Yana Todorova

It’s difficult to imagine our lives without gatherings with family and friends, at least for me it is. These are the moments when we enhance our relationships, we start new friendships, and we try new foods prepared with care. In my opinion, the effort of entertaining is repaid many times...

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Tools you've Got To Have

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

So you fancy yourself fairly handy around the house. You’re no Bob Vila, but you’re getting there. Well, slip that hammer back in your holster, there are new projects that require more than your basics (and your patience).

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You'll Fall For This

Written by Yana Todorova

Harvest is the time of year when farmers collect the mature crops from their fields and also a time when we get to enjoy their bounty. Harvest festivals exist in almost every culture...

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'tis The Season

Written by Lynn Pitts

There’s more to fall than raking leaves and going Trick-or-Treating...

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Unleash the Sweetness

Written by Yana Todorova

With the weather at its warmest, we look for any reason to eat light. This time of year calls for simple, easy dishes like grilled meat, veggie-based side dishes, and cool desserts.

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