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Motorbike Mania

In 1910, the first paved streets appeared in Bakersfield. Not surprisingly, in 1911, the first motorcycle race around China Grade Loop took place. However, paved roads were far from necessary when it came to some of the earliest daredevils in our midst, and those who were a part of the Bakersfield Motorcycle Club—also founded in the early 1900s—have become the stuff of local legend.

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William H. Scribner, Bakersfield Icon

Throughout Kern County’s fascinating history, we have certainly had our fair share of enigmatic characters who helped to build the great community that we currently enjoy. These people were not afraid to bring their visions into reality, and they made certain that they helped to better the lives of their fellow neighbors along the way. William H. Scribner was one such pioneer, and from developing the water system in Bakersfield to owning some of the most prominent buildings during his time, his legacy can be appreciated to this day.

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