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Club Saloon

Back in the early 1900s, Bakersfield was known for being a wild party town. “At that time I arrived in Bakersfield, which was the twenty-seventh day of December 1909, it was a wide-open, rip-roaring, frontier town, with 65 saloons, a population of about 8,500, and a red light district that was a wonder. The population was…free and easy in their morals, liberal in their attitudes, and all-around good sports,” reads Inside Historic Kern.

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Bakersfield National Guard

Taking a look around Bakersfield today, you would probably never guess that it was a place that once upon a time had its own National Guard. But it is true. Picture this! A California full of thrills and danger that lurked around every corner!

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Bakersfield Firewagon

It’s true: nothing can get the blood pumping like the feeling of lurking peril! However, that can only really be appreciated until the lurking becomes a reality. Our own firefighters have known about this since they were first on the scene (great fire of 1889, anyone?), and have done everything in their power to keep citizens out of harm’s way. But, like most journeys, that isn’t to say that there weren’t a few blunders here and there.

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