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Grits and Eggs

Usually grits are served very creamy with tons of butter. This version of a classic brunch food has far less fat than traditional recipes. Here, I use a healthier fat (olive and truffle oil) and just a little bit of prosciutto for flavor and salty notes. The dish comes out quickly thanks to the instant grits, so you can prepare it for breakfast, lunch, or even late-night dinner. One egg per person is enough protein to keep you satisfied for hours.

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Recipe: Dark Chocolate-Hazelnut Truffles

When I am craving something rich, I always think about chocolate truffles. These small chocolate truffles can be made ahead and are great for a party. They have a firm consistency that lasts and you can make them with different coatings, such as unsweetened cocoa powder, roasted almonds, or melted white chocolate. Arrange them on a pretty platter and serve them with your favorite after-dinner drinks! This rich chocolate dessert is very tempting and elegant, I promise!

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Recipe: Strawberry-Walnut Cheesecake Bars

Cheesecake is a popular dessert at our house. Since I love chocolate, I usually make chocolate cheesecake. But when my mother came to visit us recently, she suggested that chocolate is too strong for her and she would love to have cheesecake with fruits. Also, she is afraid to eat desserts that are huge (aren’t we all?), so I prepared cheesecake bars and the size was perfect for her. This is how strawberry-walnut cheesecake bars became such a family favorite and are always prepared to welcome my mother and to start her vacation in a decadent mood.

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Recipe: Peanut-Chocolate Pudding Tarts

The following dessert was inspired by the classic peanut butter chocolate bars. There are many popular desserts made with peanuts and chocolate, but I wanted something more unique. This individual tart is made with oatmeal crust that is first baked blind. The chocolate is poured after that and a small amount of peanuts add some crunch, taste, and visual effect. It became my favorite, because the chocolate-pudding filling is so delightful, creamy, and velvety. It reminds me of the best chocolate mousses I have tried during our family foodie trips!

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