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Richard Shiell’s Kitchen

If you find yourself at the Valley Farmers’ Market on F St., you know you can get your fill of fresh fruits and veggies. Bonus, though: you can also load up on homemade breads, cookies, and more. All you need to do is spot Richard Shiell and be prepared to immerse yourself into all that Rick’s Kitchen has to offer. (And, believe us: you won’t be sorry you did!)

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Rocket Shop Cafe

John Harmon brought the Harmon Rocket, a modified sport plane, to the world some years ago—well, technically he brought two. “He built the first one from scratch, starting with an RV IV kit and basically improving it so it performed better and climbed faster. Now, he puts together kits for people to purchase,” said his son, Michael Harmon. While John made himself a name in the flying industry, it took the help of his family members to bring the Rocket Shop Cafe to hungry Bakersfield residents.

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Grits and Eggs

Usually grits are served very creamy with tons of butter. This version of a classic brunch food has far less fat than traditional recipes. Here, I use a healthier fat (olive and truffle oil) and just a little bit of prosciutto for flavor and salty notes. The dish comes out quickly thanks to the instant grits, so you can prepare it for breakfast, lunch, or even late-night dinner. One egg per person is enough protein to keep you satisfied for hours.

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