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Chef Meir Brown: Grilled Peach Salad

Spring is just around the corner—at least we hope it is. And it would seem that Chef Meir Brown and the talented kitchen staff at Café Med are in agreement with us. When we asked them to come up with a recipe for our readers for this issue, they read our mind and created a sweet, refreshing, and totally filling Grilled Peach Salad that is just perfect for these in-between days. Packed with local flavors and nutritious ingredients, it’s a perfect lunchtime salad or a healthy side dish to chicken or steak. Without further ado…

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Little Italy: Give Me Amore

Thankfully, Chang, the wonderful owner and chef of Little Italy, has tossed up something simply marvelous for us for this issue’s Quick Bites. Now, we all love macaroni and cheese, but Chang has taken that simple recipe and elevated it to new—and tasty—heights with the creation of this utterly inspired, utterly Italian dish. We’ll have seconds, please.

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