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Recipe: Tailgater’s Cajun Shrimp Quesadillas

This is a fun twist on an old favorite. Easy to make and even easier to eat. Chef Dom Ariza loves creating appetizers and jumped at the chance to create a new recipe for Bakersfield Magazine. “Appetizers are something you can be creative about.” He says, “You can dream it up, and leftovers are a creative way to invent your own appetizers.

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Recipe: Logan’s Roadhouse ‘Roadies’ Sliders

Manager Teejay Scharf just loves appetizers “Here at the restaurant, appetizers are a great way to start a date night, you get to experiment and have fun, break the ice.”
 He graciously passed on to us their special recipe for “Roadies” explaining they are wildly popular at Logan’s and very easy to make.

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Recipe: JJ’s Oysters Rockefeller

Jerry Jost owns Jost Homes and performs the very manly job of building custom homes. But his friends and neighbors call him the Betty Crocker of the neighborhood. Well, actually, it’s something not quite as flattering, but we can’t print it here. Suffice it to say Jost is a great cook and loves doing it.
Jost chose Oysters Rockefeller to share here because “it’s really unique, the recipe is fairly simple and it’s pretty quick to make.”

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Recipe: Coq au Vin

This classic French dish, Coq au Vin (pronounced coke-o-vaan), is chicken in red wine. There are literally thousands of recipes in existence. I use this version because it is simple and a crowd pleaser. It is traditionally served with rice or boiled potatoes. Not to worry, the alcohol content is burned off in the cooking process. The recipe Bill Winter shares here is one of his favorites outside of what he learned from cooking classes at Café Med.
“It’s French, it impresses people but it’s easy to do,” Winter says.

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