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Alchemy Bakery and Brew

Pie and tea! Most people love both of them but rarely do you hear the two combined in any usual fashion. This is where, yet again, Bakersfield innovation comes into play showcased at a couple of the Farmers’ Markets right here in town. Alchemy Bakery and Brew just came onto the scene in October of last year and owner Jodi Kessler decided to change things up a bit by combining two of her favorite things.

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Richard Shiell’s Kitchen

If you find yourself at the Valley Farmers’ Market on F St., you know you can get your fill of fresh fruits and veggies. Bonus, though: you can also load up on homemade breads, cookies, and more. All you need to do is spot Richard Shiell and be prepared to immerse yourself into all that Rick’s Kitchen has to offer. (And, believe us: you won’t be sorry you did!)

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