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Meredith Bell - Autonomy Farms

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

There are some who grow veggies, some who grow fruit. Some that raise cattle, and some that prepare organic soups.
No, this is not a Dr. Seuss poem, rather a typical scene at one of our local farmers' markets.

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Fresh From The Farmers Market

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

With all this warm weather, there is nothing quite as satisfying as some delicious, ice cold, freshly prepared juice...

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Distinctive Dining

Written by By Mike Stepanovich - Photos by Eric James

Eureka! I found it! Our state’s motto is only too appropriate regarding an absolute jewel of a restaurant–Rincon Cubano Cuban Café at 1907 S. Chester Ave.

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It Has To Be Authentic

Written by Mike Stepanovich

It’s been more than four decades since I was last in Vietnam, but I have good memories of the food there. Everyone ate pho, the popular Vietnamese soup, in its various forms. There were other offerings as well—shrimp, seafood, rice of course, vegetables—all of it fresh...

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The Roayal Treatment

Written by Mike Stepanovich

California’s roads haven’t been royal for a couple centuries now, but you’re in for a royal treat when you dine at Camino Real, the restaurant that claims it was Mexican inspired with California love...

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Love at First Bite

Written by Mike Stepanovich

Carol was excited. She was having lunch with me at the Guild House, the all-volunteer restaurant at 1905 18th St., the corner of F and 18th streets. It wasn’t just the excellent cuisine that she was anticipating. Carol had been a Guild House volunteer herself years before...

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Keeping It Simple

Written by Mike Stepanovich

Shai Gordon chastised me when we saw one another at a recent social event. “Hey, Mike, we haven’t seen you lately,” the proprietor of Steak & Grape Restaurant said, with a raised eyebrow and slight smile...

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Downtown Delights

Written by Mike Stepanovich

For a while the only reason to be downtown was work or for government. That’s all changed.

Bakersfield’s downtown renaissance has made the area a favorite destination for eating, shopping, and entertainment.Locals and visitors alike are creating magical evenings in the heart of town now.

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The Yum Factor

Written by Mike Stepanovich

One of the many things I enjoy about my wife, Carol, is that because she’s essentially a lifelong Bakersfield resident—her family moved here when she was five—I often get a history lesson about all things Bakersfield of the last half century or so...

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Traditions & Taste

Written by Mike Stepanovich

Basque food and Bakersfield are synonymous. In fact, the Bakersfield Visitors and Convention Bureau website says we have the largest concentration of Basque restaurants in the United States...

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