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Bananas Foster

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25-6 Winter Issue
Entertaining the Bakersfield Way by Miles Johnson

As an extra-indulgent treat, you and your partner will delight in a freshly-prepared Bananas Foster. Avoided because of its perceived complexity, a rich Bananas Foster is just the thing to bring you both back into the kitchen.


Your favorite brand of Vanilla Ice Cream
2 Bananas
1/2 stick Butter (I prefer unsalted)
1 C Brown Sugar
4 oz. Dark Rum
1 tsp. Ground Cinnamon


  1. While one of you peels and slices the bananas, the other can be at the stove. Melt the butter and brown sugar together over medium-high heat until blended.
  2. Allow the butter and sugar to caramelize for about five minutes or until thick and bubbly. Add the banana slices, rum, and cinnamon, stirring gently with a wooden spoon.
  3. After about three minutes, carefully (and I mean very carefully) light the rum/sugar concoction with a long grill lighter. The warmed rum will create a pleasing blue flame.
  4. Continue to cook and stir until the flame has gone out. Ladle the bananas and sauce over bowls of vanilla ice cream.
  5. Now take yourselves over to the fireplace and enjoy the rest of your evening.