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Downtown Gem

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

It is rare to walk into a restaurant and feel like you’ve been whisked away to another place in time, but that’s exactly what you get when you enter K.C. Steakhouse, a longtime downtown gem...

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Memories Made Daily

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

In the world of liquor, there are drinks, and then there are works of art. True to their mission to “continuously strive to exceed the guest’s expectations,” RJ’s Bar & Grill has brought something tasteful and delightfully complex to the world of cocktails in Bakersfield, and we aren’t just talking about the inviting ambiance.

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In The Groove

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

In Bakersfield, we have our choices as far as great restaurants go, but how many places can you hit up that not only serve amazing food and drinks, but can also say that they are a strong supporter of local music, the downtown arts scene, and have the track record to prove it?

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Get Your Pasta On

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Nestled in southwest Bakersfield sits a little piece of Italy where people go for the amazing food, friendly service, and delicious drinks. Sorella Italian Ristorante has been a local mainstay for over 20 years, and this lovely spot is all about family.

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Good Times

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

For a fun night full of unique drinks and live music...or for an afternoon filled with friends, hot wings, and a cold one, there’s no better place to kick up your heels than at B Ryder’s Rockin’ Sports Bar!

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Our Daily Grind - Covenant Coffee

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

As a part of Covenant Community Services, a local nonprofit that helps to mentor and serve youths who were formerly in foster care, Covenant Coffee means it when they say that their coffee is “Roasted for a Purpose.”

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Sinaloa Spicy Jalapeño Long Island

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Sinaloa has been a Bakersfield mainstay for over 60 years, and they’re still serving up some of the most delicious Mexican cuisine in town!

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Date Night on Cloud Nine

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

The SkyBar Lounge is one of Bakersfield’s newest—easily one of the most posh—lounges, and it has a drink that will put you on cloud nine with the very first sip.

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Wind in Your Sails

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


When Bakersfield thinks fresh, authentic Italian food, Frugatti’s is always a top choice. What some may not realize is that the same place that serves up this incredible food also makes a drink that will blow you away!

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Brighten Up Your Day

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


At the Bakersfield Country Club, there are a few things you can always expect to find: golf, tennis, fine dining, and plenty of sunshine—even on the darkest of nights...

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