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Meredith Bell - Autonomy Farms

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

There are some who grow veggies, some who grow fruit. Some that raise cattle, and some that prepare organic soups.
No, this is not a Dr. Seuss poem, rather a typical scene at one of our local farmers' markets.

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Fresh From The Farmers Market

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

With all this warm weather, there is nothing quite as satisfying as some delicious, ice cold, freshly prepared juice...

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Bakersfield's Best Burger 2014

Written by Mike Stepanovich

Once Upon a Time ordering a hamburger was simple, straightforward, uncomplicated. Regardless of where you ordered it, you pretty much got the same thing: a cooked ground beef patty on a bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles...

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Downtown Gem

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

It is rare to walk into a restaurant and feel like you’ve been whisked away to another place in time, but that’s exactly what you get when you enter K.C. Steakhouse, a longtime downtown gem...

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Distinctive Dining

Written by By Mike Stepanovich - Photos by Eric James

Eureka! I found it! Our state’s motto is only too appropriate regarding an absolute jewel of a restaurant–Rincon Cubano Cuban Café at 1907 S. Chester Ave.

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Citrus Crunch

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

With spring in full force and summer on its way, now is the time to focus on the lighter side of the menu. Food that is not only great for you, but great tasting.

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Bring on the Bubbly

Written by Mike Stepanovich

The wonderful myth about Champagne’s origins goes something like this: Crusty old Dom Pierre Pérignon, a late 17th century-early 18th century Benedictine monk, was experimenting with “re-fermentation” at his abbey in Hautvillers, a village just north of Epernay in the French province of Champagne...

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It Has To Be Authentic

Written by Mike Stepanovich

It’s been more than four decades since I was last in Vietnam, but I have good memories of the food there. Everyone ate pho, the popular Vietnamese soup, in its various forms. There were other offerings as well—shrimp, seafood, rice of course, vegetables—all of it fresh...

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Simple, Yet Divine

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

There’s way more to the Village Sports Bar & Grill than typical bar fare (and it proved that with its deep-fried cheesecake), but when we asked owner and manager Mike Barajas to prepare something tasty for our readers, we were thrilled with his recipe...

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Dining on a Dime

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Ladies and gentlemen, the Eighth Wonder of the World is back!

We’re once again bringing you an astounding, unbelievable, miraculous list of delicious meals found at local restaurants for under $10. Heck, finding anything for less than ten bucks these days is a miracle in and of itself. But we’re here to show you that Bakersfield is filled with reasonably priced, sensationally tasty options for lunch or dinner…all you have to do is turn the page (and probably grab some silverware).

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