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Beautiful Kern

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Everyone knows that the beauty of our country has been expressed through song for hundreds of years, but Kern County has the distinction of boasting a similar honor. “Beautiful Kern” was written by Sue Hicks, along with music composed by Berniece A. Bell, in 1966, and it details some of the most precious things about our wonderful county.

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Thrill Ride

Written by Tracie Grimes

"I sold everything, my house, my car–to come up with the money to buy the company. But I’d always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when the opportunity to buy the company came up...

I decided it was time to take the risk.”

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Farmers Wife - Sandy Torigiani

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Sandy Torigiani and her husband, Mike, are no strangers to the soil or the kitchen. This Kern County-loving couple not only owns Torigiani Farms in Buttonwillow, but they also owned a restaurant named The Buttonwillow Lumberyard for some years...

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On A Mission

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

“The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was born out of a family’s grief over the death of their son,” explained Debbie Truhett, the executive director for the Society’s Central California chapter.

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Written by Eman Shurbaji

Did you know that 20 percent of the Kern County population has some kind of developmental disability? That’s one out of every five people!

Despite that large presence in our neighborhoods and community, many people don’t regularly come into contact with individuals with special needs, nor do they know how to interact with them.

One organization, Meet Your Neighbors (MYN), is working to change this reality...

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Citizen Kern - Charles Barbee

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

"I love how being creative and expressive is a key part in film making, regardless of what it is."

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20 Way To Keep Your Cool

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

We’re not knockin’ open mic nights, dance clubs, or karaoke bars, but we say it’s high time to find something a little more unique to do on a warm Bakersfield night (or Bakersfield day, for that matter). Sure, this town is full of fun things to do with friends and family, but in our book, the outings listed on the following pages are what will really help you keep your cool as we wind down another Bakersfield summer.

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2013 Sizzlin' Singles

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

You really never know what they’ll say next.

If there’s one thing we’ve discovered over the years of featuring Sizzlin’ Singles, it’s that Bakersfield bachelors and bachelorettes are loud and proud, and willing to tell it like it is. And this year’s crop of successful, charitable singles is no different. Whether it’s how they get ready for a hot date or the best place for a drink, they spilled the beans on single life and answered all our pressing questions…even the weird ones...

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New Dining Guide TV Advertisments

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

If you don't watch TV anymore, (because seriously, what's the point when you have our magazine, amirite?) Here's our latest pair of TV ads showcasing some of the local food-like things you can find in our magazine's Food & Wine and Dining Guide sections.

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Citizen Kern-Cindy Pollard

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Working for Disney helped establish the guiding principles by which I live and work and where I learned what’s possible.

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Rooting for Downtown

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

If you were to stop and ask a group of people on the street how often they visit our downtown, you’ll get answers ranging from once a week for dinner or shopping to five times a week for work. But...

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Urgent Assist-Kern 999 Foundation

Written by Eman Shurbaji

For peace officers all over the country, being injured or killed in the line of duty is always a possibility. And unfortunately for local families, there will always be too many Kern County law enforcement officers that fall while serving their community...

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Farmer’s Wife Recipe–Cowboy Caviar

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Sandy Garone is no stranger to delicious local produce, as well as some fascinating local history. She currently resides at the McKittrick Ranch, which is named for its original owner, Captain William H. McKittrick...

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Giving It All

Written by Tracie Grimes

Yes, success is a wonderful thing, but failing is okay, too, says Scott Harrison, founder of Terra Novo, a leading manufacturer of erosion and sediment control products based here in Bakersfield...

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The Last Rock-n-Roll DJ in B•Town

Written by Francis Mayer

Danny Spanks is sitting in his office at 1100 Mohawk Avenue, and he’s picking songs that will end up on the playlists at 106.1 KRAB Radio.

He isn’t using the latest charts out of Los Angeles, he’s using an old tool that many in the radio business have abandoned. He’s using his ears...

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Honor & Glory

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Though Bob Elias may not have been able to see his dream realized before he passed away in 1965, his vision for a special place where all accomplished atheletes could be forever honored was not forgotten by his friends and colleagues.

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Little Big Man

Written by Francis Mayer

"Don't gain the world and lose your soul," Bob Marley sang in 1980's "Zion Train"; "Wisdom is better than silver and gold." It's an old theme, and Bob wasn't the first person to bring it up by a long shot.

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Bakersfield Look - Ruby Godinez

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

FASHION TIP: Try statement jewelry—one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Road to Transformation

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

“In order to build a better community we first begin by building the best possible community within our organization,” explained Katie Kirschenmann, the current president of Junior League of Bakersfield (JLB)...

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For The Children

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

For over a decade, the Bakersfield community has been a proud participant in the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway, a charity event that benefits the well-known children’s hospital. But it’s the fact that local children affected by cancer are the ones that will truly benefit from the Giveaway...

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