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All Fired Up!

Love might be on the back burner for now, but this year’s Sizzlin’ Singles are All Fired Up for sharing their time with local charitable organizations. They can manage the flames of life on their own just fine all while heating up in their careers and spicing up their lives with community involvement. We’re not just blowing smoke, you’ll see that all our singles are “well done”.

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Sizzlin’ Singles Rockin’ It!

Here they are! This year’s swingin’, singin’, stylin’ singles! The guys and gals we’re featuring are working hard in their careers and working to help the community, and yes, sometimes they play to the beat of their own drums, but that’s why we think they’re so great—and deserve to be in the spotlight. So turn it up and rock out as you get to know this year’s rockin’ singles!

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Playing the Field

We’re not the first ones to equate the dating world to a game or sport.

Just look at the stats: there’s competition, teams, plays, coaches, and, yes, even the trusted blockers. Thankfully, the men and women gracing the following pages are not overly concerned by their “solo” status and are content to keep playing the field for the love of the game.

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