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At The Car Wash

Written by Tracie Grimes

If cleanliness is next to Godliness, automobile owners around Kern County have a chance at earning a jewel in their heavenly crowns–without ever having to leave their cars...

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Thrill Ride

Written by Tracie Grimes

"I sold everything, my house, my car–to come up with the money to buy the company. But I’d always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when the opportunity to buy the company came up...

I decided it was time to take the risk.”

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Giving It All

Written by Tracie Grimes

Yes, success is a wonderful thing, but failing is okay, too, says Scott Harrison, founder of Terra Novo, a leading manufacturer of erosion and sediment control products based here in Bakersfield...

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Imagine The Spectacular

Written by Tracie Grimes

From Zen gardens to custom floral arrangements for any spectacular event, turning visions of grandeur into reality is a serious business for Oleta Collins.

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Beating The Odds

Written by Tracie Grimes

When Al Adler opened The Aviator Casino in February 2011, he wasn’t well-known in the industry. Oil and gas had been his game since the early ‘80s.

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Dig Deeper

Written by Tracie Grimes

It is dedication to this creed, this way of approaching life, that turned a group of Italian immigrant farmers settling in Mettler into a successful farming operation. And it’s an attitude that was passed on from father to son...

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Keeping Eyes on The Prize

Written by Tracie Grimes

Being President and CEO of a bank was pretty impressive. But creating a successful financial institution from the ground floor up in the face of one of our nation’s worst economic downturns was downright amazing...

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The Science of Taste

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


It was the science that pulled Wade Bowen in. He was curious about the chemistry that took place during the distilling process of producing alcohol. This curiosity would eventually lead to the creation of his very own whiskey company called Bowen’s Spirits—no easy feat in America, where ancient, prohibition era-spawned laws governing alcohol production remain strictly enforced...

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A Stitch inTime

Written by Tracie Grimes


Christie Ludwick’s passion for fashion started early in life, and it began with a best friend, a couple of parakeets, and a wedding that was for the birds.

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Mixing It Up

Written by Tracie Grimes


Precision Pharmacy, a locally-grown specialty pharmacy, has beaten the odds and turned what could have been just a sleepy little Bakersfield business into a leader of the medical compounding (preparing, mixing, assembling, packaging, or labeling of a drug or device according to a doctor’s specifications to meet a patient needs) industry...

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