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Ugliest Pet 2009 Contest Winners


It seems strange to announce that we have lucky winners when the prizes include the title of Bakersfield’s Ugliest Pet (not to mention a $100 gift certificate). We were looking for the ugliest pets and boy did we get some uggos. We present to you our picks for ugliest three distinct categories. And while we are publishing pictures of these mongrels, we’re not responsible for the nightmares that could ensue. Thanks to everyone who entered!

FUGLY (that’s freakin’ ugly) WINNER

When the picture of Gremlin first arrived in our inbox, many of us in the office worried that we were cursed. “That’s a witch dog!” was screamed more than once. Gremlin truly has a face only a mother could love. And by mother we mean Joe Smooch. Joe found this pup wandering in his front yard four years ago looking scraggly (hard to believe) with no collar and has loved him ever since.

“He’s say the least,” Joe laughed. “I immediately thought he looked like Spike from the movie Gremlins. I guess it’s not too creative a name. But what are you gonna call him? He doesn’t look like a conventional dog.”

Gremlin is cuddly though, Joe said, and loves to go on walks. And while his strength is an ability to shake hands with both paws (he’s ambidextrous) his weakness is Beggin’ Strips.

We couldn’t figure out what kind of dog Gremlin is, but our guess is Devil’s Minion.

So Ugly He’s Almost Cute WINNER


OK, this was the hardest category to select from, since all pets are kinda cute. But Ringo was our pick for this award. “He can do a few tricks like roll over, play dead, speak, and sit up pretty,” said owner Nina Lawless. But that’s about it when it comes to the skills category. When he’s not busy performing tricks, he’s content just looking ugly. “He stares at me...just stares...and he is cute on some level, but for the most part he’s just so ugly I can’t stand it sometimes,” Nina said, laughing. A Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix, Ringo is about a year old and named after Nina’s mother’s favorite Beatle. And sadly, Nina explained, he got the worst traits of each breed. “Chihuahua’s ears stick straight up, but sometimes only one of Ringo’s does. And Shih Tzu’s teeth show which Ringo’s do sometimes. Put those together and you’ve got an unattractive dog.”

But look at those puppy dog eyes!


Meet Dookie, AKA Mr. Dukes. How could we not pick him as the winner for this category? Fondly named for his owner, Marco Barba’s, favorite Green Day album, Dookie is a 6-year-old Olde English Bulldog. And weighing in at 65 pounds, it seems this pooch has been eating his fair share of crumpets.

But just what made Marco submit Dookie’s photo?

“I have this picture in my office. My coworkers think it’s a great, but horrible, picture,” Marco said. “It was taken when I was giving him a good belly rub. And he’s so cheeky that gravity took it’s toll...”


Favorite pastimes for Dookie include sleeping, snoring, eating, and chasing balls within a 3-foot radius. He doesn’t want to run too far.

Be sure to keep your eye out for next year’s contest!

You thought this was it? Hardly! We know there are more ugly pets out there...

Article appeared in our 26-2 Issue - June 2009