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Visions of Greatness

Written by Francis Mayer

Rock history, fame, and a very creative guy who was there to capture its glory....

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The Flying Red Chair

Written by Gordon Lull

A tale of two coasts, seven decades, and one dream. So this dream walks into a muffler shop...

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The Last Rock-n-Roll DJ in B•Town

Written by Francis Mayer

Danny Spanks is sitting in his office at 1100 Mohawk Avenue, and he’s picking songs that will end up on the playlists at 106.1 KRAB Radio.

He isn’t using the latest charts out of Los Angeles, he’s using an old tool that many in the radio business have abandoned. He’s using his ears...

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Honor & Glory

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Though Bob Elias may not have been able to see his dream realized before he passed away in 1965, his vision for a special place where all accomplished atheletes could be forever honored was not forgotten by his friends and colleagues.

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Little Big Man

Written by Francis Mayer

"Don't gain the world and lose your soul," Bob Marley sang in 1980's "Zion Train"; "Wisdom is better than silver and gold." It's an old theme, and Bob wasn't the first person to bring it up by a long shot.

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Love it? Do it.

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


If you have an insatiable passion for the great outdoors, then what are you waiting for? Wade out there and show ‘em what you’re made of.

For as long as he can remember, Lennis Janzen always had a love of nature and for being in the midst of the great outdoors. Having grown up on Tejon Ranch—a huge cattle ranch in Kern County—where his father, Jack, was a cattle foreman for 40 years, he had always been in the thick of it...

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Crunch Time

Written by Matt Martz


After a long day of keeping the cities and institutions of Kern County safe and sound, a small group of public safety officers are tackling more than crime. They’re tackling each other.

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Hot Times

Written by Tracie Grimes


It was 1941 when Sam Lynn decided it was, to borrow a phrase from John Fogerty, “time to give this game a ride.” Baseball was the game and some 70 years later, almost 200 major league players have hit Sam Lynn’s field of dreams, the Sam Lynn Ballpark.

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Can We Talk?

Written by Matthew Martz


There’s no denying it—Bakersfield is a huge sports town. And when it comes to covering the neighborhood athletic landscape, our local television sports anchors are more than just a handsome face. These guys really know their stuff.

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Written by Gordon F. Lull


From July through October of 1940, waves of German and Royal Air Force planes battled to the death in the skies above Great Britain, raining fire and destruction upon cities and towns, and challenging each other in skilled ferocity...

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