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Bakersfield Look - Todd Snider

Todd Snider, 35 - Crop Insurance Agent

Are you a Bakersfield Native? I was born in Visalia, but my family moved to Bakersfield when I was about three.

Do you think Bakersfield has a style? Yeah, a little bit country, a little bit Rock ‘n’ Roll! It has a casual style; rarely do you see men suited up here in Bakersfield.

What is your favorite item of clothing? Have to say the Lucky Jeans. You can wear them with anything.

Describe your personal style. My style is definitely on the casual side, but I clean up really well!

How long does it usually take you to get ready in the morning? Shower and out the door in 30 minutes. Unless my wife brings me some coffee in bed or puts the baby between us. Then I get distracted watching CNBC and enjoying a little morning snuggle with the baby.

Is there a celebrity or person in your life that you get your style from? I notice what athletes are wearing during an interview or something, but that’s about it. Although, lately, I have to wear a tie for an Agriculture Leadership Program I am involved in, so I always notice what style of knot a politician or news anchor has on their tie.

Does your style change when you are not at work? Yes, I am more of a T-shirt, jeans, and hoodie guy.

How do you personalize your business look? Business casual for work; I wear nice jeans or Dockers and dress shirt or Polo shirt. Dress shoes also, but the key is to not have them overly shiny!

What are your favorite places to shop in Bakersfield? Action Sports for anything outdoors, Hoggz for casual clothes, and usually Macy’s for dressier shirts.

What is the biggest fashion mistake you have made? High school prom. I wore shorts because it was June and hot, and some ugly “Jay Leno” looking jean shirt. The pictures look horrible and I feel bad for my date.

Are you a bargain hound? Sure, but I can justify buying something at full pop if I convince myself I need it.

Is there a style product that you absolutely can’t live without? This Spiker hair gel, or Neutrogena face lotion with sunscreen.

Article appeared in our 28-6 Issue - February 2012

What mistakes do you think women make when they dress? Jeans that create a muffin top! Oh, and the second has to be those baggy flannel pajama pants—they are not meant to be worn outside of the house, ladies.