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Citizen Kern - Lisa Fuson

Lisa Fuson

Personal Stats:

Name: Lisa Fuson

Age: 47

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Title: Voice-over Artist, Musician

How she got started: Fuson was working as Julia Roberts’ stunt double on 1991’s Hook and “making no money,” when a scene partner suggested she look into doing voice work for a jingle. “I matched the voices they needed and made more money in that instant than I had in all of my acting jobs,” she said. She was soon recording vocals for ads airing across the U.S., not to mention lending her voice to Princess Leia in numerous Star Wars video games.

Her favorite part of the industry: “The creative process of bringing your own voice print and personality into the work is fantastic. Plus, giving clients exactly what they want is always nice,” Fuson added. The collaboration that comes with working with big-time clients including Arco, State Farm, as well as the light-hearted fun that comes with recording promos for Dora The Explorer, keeps the work interesting.

Career highlights: It’d be hard to top Star Wars, but Fuson said a huge feather in her cap was landing the voice role for Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Windows Live demos. “My voice is coming out of people’s laptops,” Fuson said, laughing. “It’s surreal.” Then again, her vocal work has landed her more than an impressive resume. An old friend and his son were watching an episode of Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold! and, “thanks to big-screen TVs, he was able to see my name in the credits for voicing some characters.” The two reconnected and are now married.

Her heroes: “Definitely Don LaFontaine. He was a staple in the movie trailer/commercial industry,” Fuson said of the late voice-over artist who’s booming voice we all recognize. “And Marice Tobais, ‘the voice whisperer.’ She’s a vocal powerhouse. She taught me to be true and real.” That came in handy during the years Fuson hosted radio talk shows in Sacramento, including The Tim, Chip and Lisa Show, a mid-day talk show in between Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony.

What she’d still like to accomplish: Though she’s busy recording local commercials in her home studio and singing with the Rick Copus Band, Fuson said she would love to do more video game voice-over work, which she last did for the game Jumper, based on the 2008 sci-fi action flick. “It’s physically demanding and fun to voice girls who are kicking butt!” At the same time, she loves the challenge of working with companies like HP and would love to work on another national campaign.

Article appeared in our 27-6 Issue - February 2011