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Citizen Kern - Dan Tudor

While working with athletes, I realized coaches needed just as much advice. – Dan Tudor

Personal Stats:

Name: Dan Tudor

Age: 43

Birthplace: Bakersfield, CA

Title: Entrepreneur, founder “Selling for Coaches”

How he got started: After graduating college, Tudor was a sports caster for KBAK 29 between the years of 1987 and 1993. “From there, I went into sales and marketing with a national corporation, but I maintained an interest in sports, especially recruiting,” he says. After forming a recruiting service and working with athletes, Tudor realized that coaches needed just as much advice when it came to finding student-athletes. Enter Selling for Coaches.

Career highlights: As a frequent lecturer and convention speaker, Tudor has had the opportunity to see all corners of the country and meet some amazing athletes and coaches. He’s also recently began working with Ari Fleischer, the former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush, who works as a media consultant for the NFL, and has started his own sports communications company.

His heroes: On a professional level, there is one man who stands out for Tudor: bestselling author Seth Godin, whose books on marketing strategies and sales philosophies have helped Tudor develop his program further.

His favorite part of the industry: While Tudor has traveled all over the U.S., racking up 80,000 air miles a year, he says his favorite part is “definitely not all the traveling.” Rather, he says being able to see that his advice has paid off for the coaches and programs he works with. “I love seeing my program applied and getting positive feedback from folks like USC coach Pete Carroll.”

What he’d still like to accomplish: “I’d love to see some international growth,” Tudor explains. “And adding more staff to Selling for Coaches.” This accomplished entrepreneur would also like to reach out to more colleges, not just the coaching staff, to discuss ways they can use his techniques to recruit students.

Article appeared in our 27-3 Issue - August 2010