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Meet Peggy Darling

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Someone was saying they wanted to buy the property behind the Fox Theater so they could turn it into offices. I was able to buy it and the Fox kept the property, which was great because they really needed it.

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Citizen Kern - Harry Wilson

Written by Bakersfield magazine

To be an artist is to give your life for the creation of a world closer to your heart’s desire, to quote my art history professor...

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Citizen Kern - Charles Barbee

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

"I love how being creative and expressive is a key part in film making, regardless of what it is."

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Citizen Kern-Cindy Pollard

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Working for Disney helped establish the guiding principles by which I live and work and where I learned what’s possible.

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Bakersfield Look - Ruby Godinez

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

FASHION TIP: Try statement jewelry—one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Citizen Kern - Melanie Cruz

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

I feel like I’m just getting started reaching my goals. I can’t wait to see my products from both Bebe Doos and Dream Innovators on the market.

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Bakersfield Look - Eliseo Valdovinos

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Dress nice all the time–there’s not that big of a difference between work and other outings.

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Citizen Kern - Doug DeRoo

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

If you can come up with a better mousetrap, then do it. The best idea wins.

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Bakerfield Look - Sara Contreras

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

FASHION TIP: Hey guys...the right pair of shoes is key.

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Citizen Kern - Whitey Thomas

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Glenn Miller’s trumpet player had to leave suddenly, so they asked me if I would fill in.

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