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Growth From The Ground Up

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Take one look at the 2012 gross value of all agricultural commodities produced in Kern County and it’s easy to see why our county has such an impressive ranking on a national level...

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Quality Amenities Attract Top Rate Events

Written by Alan Tandy

Bakersfield’s civic facilities are some of our city’s key advantages. The City’s strategy is to make Bakersfield more competitive in attracting events and performances by providing top quality amenities to enhance our quality of life...

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Playtime in a Progressive City

Written by Mayor Harvey L. Hall

Bakersfield’s civic facilities continue to serve up exciting new entertainment choices as both the population and business grow...

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You've Got Company

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

You’re on your way home from work and your cell phone rings. It’s your parents. Or maybe your grandparents. Or, perhaps it’s your old college chums. In any event... They’re coming to town!

So no matter what the relation, you’re going to have to play host to some self-invited guests who’ll want to see the sights...

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City Gems

Written by Tracie Grimes

Amid the thriving, expanding horizon of today’s Bakersfield landscape, city planners designed venues that would not only put our city on the map, but help to spark the growth of our community’s cultural backdrop.

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Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Think you know Bakersfield? Our city is a popular destination for conventions, sporting events, and visitors from all over the world. Bakersfield has so many unique features, the Bakersfield Convention and Visitors Bureau adopted the slogan, “More to Explore!” Let’s see how well you do. Old timers and new arrivals, feel free to test your knowledge of Col. Baker’s Field.

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How's the View?

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Visitors come from all over for the “Bakersfield Experience” ­—but what do they really think about it all?

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A City of Music

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

People assume that when your town name is associated with a type of music, it’s the only claim to fame you’ve got when it comes to tunes. Yes, we are the Bakersfield (as in the Bakersfield Sound), but we’re a city that has grown to not only listen to all types of music, but cultivate them, as well. For example...

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It's All About Jobs

Written by Matthew Martz

While some government agencies have mottled messages about their key goal, the Kern Economic Development Corporation does not.

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Invite Them Over!

Written by Mayor Harvey Hall

Let me begin with three questions:

1. Are you a member of a business association, professional organization, or service club?

2. If you said yes, do your associations, organizations, and clubs have statewide or regional meetings?

3. If you said yes, how many of those statewide or regional meetings have been held in Bakersfield?

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