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When They Were Young

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


You know their names and their faces, now get to know a little bit about the childhood of these local celebrities.

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Kid Speak

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


Haven't you ever wanted to know what the mind of a youngster is like? We asked little tykes big questions.

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Legacy & Learning

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


When it comes to fun, nothing tops North of the River's activities. But NOR provides the community with so much more.

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Pride & Value

Written by Charlie Durgin


The first lesson in Scouting may be preparedness, but local kids have been learning to take pride in themselves for years.

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Free Fun!

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

free fun

Forget tightening the purse strings—forget the purse all together. Places you can take the kids for less than a penny.

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Kidz who Help

Written by Bakersfield Magazine


What makes these teens so keen on helping our community? We found three generous kids looking to do good.

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Kidz & the Law

Written by Charlie Durgin


A simple house-party can turn into a complicated nightmare if teenagers are involved—and you're not!

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Kidz in the Kitchen

Written by Naomi Moss


When flour attacks! The fun is never-ending when you invite youngsters into the kitchen and ask for their favorite recipes.

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Top Kidz

Written by Tracie Grimes

Top Kidz

Sure they can't drive yet, but these little stars are in the national spotlight.

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