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Raising Robots

More often than not, the things that we loved to do in our childhood stay there, mostly forgotten in the passing of time. For some inventive minds amongst us, however, the pastimes of childhood can transform into something that brings joy to innumerable people—all while landing a sweet gig with Lucasfilm and Disney. In the case of Michael McMaster, his love of robots has gone from a playtime fascination to a rewarding role in the film industry.

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Once in a while, life hands us a Fairytale

We at Bakersfield Magazine are suckers for a good love story. And boy, does KGET 17’s Chief Meteorologist (and former Go Red Cover Girl)

Alissa Carlson have a great tale—one that included a beautiful wedding on March 28 to local attorney Neil Schwartz.

We were so honored when she came to us with exclusive details about the big day that we wished we could turn this whole issue into a People-style spread worthy of local royalty.

But enough about us, we know you’re really here to celebrate the couple of the hour…er, issue.

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