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Local Craft Breweries: What’s On Tap?

That greatest of malt beverages, made from hops, barley, and wheat, has inspired many a president, author, and, yes, friend at the end of the bar, to sing its praises. Benjamin Franklin said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” And Australian writer Henry Lawson once said, “Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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Sizzlin’ Singles Rockin’ It!

Here they are! This year’s swingin’, singin’, stylin’ singles! The guys and gals we’re featuring are working hard in their careers and working to help the community, and yes, sometimes they play to the beat of their own drums, but that’s why we think they’re so great—and deserve to be in the spotlight. So turn it up and rock out as you get to know this year’s rockin’ singles!

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The Art of First Friday

Downtown Bakersfield plays host to a variety of painters, jewelry makers, and musicians as part of the Arts Council of Kern’s First Friday ArtWalk.

Singer Rebecca Black isn’t the only one who looks forward to Friday (sing it with us now, “Friday, Friday”). But not all Fridays are the same. The first Friday of every month in Bakersfield is the best. Why? Easy.

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Bakersfield JAM

We’re not just any city, this is JAM city!

The gleaming court is a perfect place to show off players’ A-game talents, like backdoor plays, slam dunks, and give-and-goes, and the blues and reds of the team logo painted right smack in the middle of the court really pop when the lights come on as the arena comes to life. But even though the brilliance of the court is impressive, the real center of attraction in Bakersfield’s Dignity Health Event Center is our hometown’s elite NBA Development League team, the Bakersfield Jam.

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Raising Robots

More often than not, the things that we loved to do in our childhood stay there, mostly forgotten in the passing of time. For some inventive minds amongst us, however, the pastimes of childhood can transform into something that brings joy to innumerable people—all while landing a sweet gig with Lucasfilm and Disney. In the case of Michael McMaster, his love of robots has gone from a playtime fascination to a rewarding role in the film industry.

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