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Bakersfield’s Best Festivals

Sometimes we all need a little escape and to, let’s be honest, overindulge in a little food and drink. In the not so distant past, one had to travel to far off distant places like San Francisco or Los Angeles (well ok, we’re being a little dramatic here) for these elusive creatures. But no more! Thankfully, event promoters in Bakersfield are now on the same wavelength and have started serving up some awesome festivals. They’re right here in your backyard, though unfortunately, not literally. So let the food and drink flow freely because it’s time to dish up on just a sampling of the festivals Bakersfield has to offer!

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The Surprising, Unexpected Benefits of Pokémon Go

Unless you’re a “Slowpoke” or you happen to be living under a “Onix”, you’re probably well aware of the popular app “Pokémon Go” released by Niantic earlier this year. Users find, capture, and train virtual creatures called Pokémon. Along the way PokéStops dispense items and Gyms provide opportunities to battle other players. A side effect of the game’s popularity is the fact that you can uncover scores of interesting local landmarks as you play. So, if you’re “Seaking” to discover some of the more unique places in Bakersfield, then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got an eclectic mix of the historical, whimsical, and somewhat strange.

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