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Confessions of a Tool Hoarder

It started out harmless enough. Eddy, a childhood friend of some 45 odd years, had bought a home at auction and was in the process of fixing it up. We were talking and somehow got on the topic of him building a fence around his mom’s property one summer. “It was the hardest job I ever had—jumping up and down on that shovel like a lunatic, trying anything and everything to dig those damn post holes—and I was barely scratching the surface.”

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You Know You Make Me Want To “Shout”

One of my all-time favorite movies is National Lampoon’s Animal House from the summer of ’78. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it definitely left a permanent mark on me. For those that aren’t familiar, Animal House is a coming of age flick about a group of misfit college students and their dysfunctional fraternity constantly challenging the “rules.” Although I can’t imagine there’s someone who hasn’t seen it, seeing as it’s an “educational” film and all.

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How My Dad Became A “Doctor”

I’ve known some “odd” characters in my life, but one that holds a special place in my memory is the father of a friend from elementary school. We’ll call him Dr. M and, as best as I can remember, he worked for NASA, building rockets and other cool space junk. Dr. M was super smart, with more paper on his walls than Frank Abagnale. If there was a diploma for something, chances are Dr. M had two; the guy was that genius.

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